About Us

The South African media landscape has become a confusing place, with conflicting agendas and lots of obviously tendentious reporting: the exact opposite of what journalism should be. And then there are the false news sites and clickbait headlines.

Veteran journalists Chris Whitfield, Jonathan Ancer and Martine Barker compile the.news.letter from Monday to Friday in an attempt to help find a path through all that, for themselves as much as anybody else. 

Whitfield is the former editor of the Cape Times, the Cape Argus and Weekend Argus, a political correspondent for The Star and The Mercury and a foreign correspondent in London for the then Argus Group. 

Ancer, a multiple award-winning journalist was the youngest editor of the country’s oldest newspaper, Grocott’s Mail, a reporter and newseditor for The Star and headed up Independent Newspapers’ Cadet School. He recently published Spy, a biography of apartheid agent Craig Williamson.

Barker is the former managing editor of Independent Newspapers Cape, with a long background in editing and producing news. When she is not busy with the.news.letter she trains young journalists, or designs books.

None of the.news.letter team is affiliated to any political party or media house. In fairness, though, none would probably have them.