Happy Snap 13: Smitti-D

In an effort to counter some of the world’s negativity we ask people what makes them happy. the.news.letter will feature a Happy Snap every Friday

Smitti-D, 24, Rondebosch

Being around happy people makes me happy and people are happy when there’s music so, Iguess, music makes me happy. All music makes me happy – well, except death metal. I like beats and how they come together to ‘speak’ to you. Even when I’m feeling sad and I listen to sad music that makes me happy. Music has meaning and makes you want to do more than just sit still. I make music – it’s not everyone’s favourite but I like to think it’s dope, uplifting and catchy – and makes people happy, which makes me even happier. I make music about young people’s everyday struggles – money struggles, growing-up struggles, girl struggles.

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