Happy Snap 11: Jason Menzies

Friday feature: In an effort to counter some of the world’s negativity we ask people what makes them happy.

Happy Snap 11: Jason Menzies, 47, Lakeside

Jason Menzies, 47, Lakeside

What makes me happy? I don’t know. What I have learnt after a hectic few years is that you can’t buy happiness in a bottle. You have to be happy in you. I once wrote down a list of the 5 keys to happiness that I kept next to my light switch: 1) be kind to other people; 2) forgive other people; 3) forgive yourself; 4) be grateful and count your blessings… Damn, I can’t remember the last one. Maybe that’s why I’m not happy? Seriously, though, I do believe in that Buddhist mantra: There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way. I also know you have to work hard at being happy.

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