Happy Snap 09: Deborah Erasmus

In an effort to counter some of the world’s negativity we ask people what makes them happy. the.news.letter will feature a Happy Snap every Friday.

Happy Snap 09: Deborah Erasmus, 57, Tokai

Deborah Erasmus, 57, Tokai

Being in nature – because it’s the pulse of life. Seven years ago I found myself in Mexico – I remember the day, it was 11/11/11 – and an angel touched me. I had gone to Mexico because I had reached a point in my life where I realised that material things could no longer feed me – I had gone to find myself; to search for enlightenment. In Mexico I found total contentment and inner peace and what it means to live in your heart. That’s when you don’t live in fear; you live in love. That’s happiness.

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