Happy Snap 04: Xolile Mdlokovana

Happy Snap 04: Xolile Mdlokovana, 20, Claremont

Xolile Mdlokovana, 20, Claremont

Seeing my parents makes me happy. I miss seeing them every day. They’re in Lesotho. I realised recently that family means love. We’re five kids and we look after each other but they all look after me because I’m the baby.  I came to Cape Town to study two years ago and I miss them. They make me feel secure. Being with them is being in a good space. I’m from Lesotho and went to school in Grahamstown so big cities aren’t my thing, but I love Cape Town. I tried Johannesburg for a bit, but nah! Other than my parents, positive vibes also make me happy.

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