06 July 2018

Happy Snap 01: Nerisa Mnemba, 36, Rondebosch

Happy Snap 01: Nerisa Mnemba, 36, Rondebosch

I was working for a firm and I would come home tired – and not have any energy for my kids. One day I was so exhausted I didn’t check my son’s homework diary and I missed a notice about an outing to Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens and didn’t sign the permission slip. Gracious – that’s my son – had to stay behind. I felt so bad. I felt like I had failed my son. I decided to start my own business so I could spend more time with my children. My business is called Forever, and it’s aloe-based nutrition supplements. I work from home. I now spend time with my kids Gracious, 7, Chris, 4, and Miranda, 3. Seeing them happy makes me happy. I do the school run, know their teachers’ names and I never ever – EVER – miss signing a permission slip.

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